High School & Pop Warner Football Referees interested in officiating QUICK 6 events can send contact information to INFO@QUICK6.org.

You will be required to pass a QUICK 6 Rules exam as well as provide a list of qualifications (previous game experience).

Soft-Shell Helmet


QUICK 6 FOOTBALL  believes in the safety of the players. Beginning in 2018, both mouthpieces and soft-shell helmets will be mandatory for players to compete on the field at our events. (QB's are exempt)



Mouthpiece / Lip Guard

All QUICK 6 EVENTS are played under a major rule: NO DISRESPECT of opposing coaches, players, parents and referees. This means that any form of verbal insults or physical abuse toward the aformentioned parties may result in an expelling from the tournament, premises and/or future events. Any coach, player or parent in violation of this rule could also cost his or her team a disqualification if the offense is considered severe.

All QUICK 6 EVENTS are intended to instill a competitive spirit, sportmanship and integrity.

If you do not agree to abide by THE QUICK 6 RESPECT RULE, please feel free to not compete in our events. 


Thank You.


  1. 7 defenders and 7 offensive players (includes Quarterback & a non-receiving center if necessary).  Center or QB is responsible for placing the ball at the spot of the referee's hash mark and yard line request. 
    NOTE: 25 player maximum per team (unless stated in event registration). Registration costs may vary after first 20 players. 
  2. Each possession starts on the 40 yard line – going in.
  3. First downs are made by crossing the 25 yard line and the 10 yard line.
  4. Three (3) downs to make a first down; 1st downs can result inside the 10 yard line on a defensive penalty (holding, interference or personal foul).
  5. Scoring:
    1. Touchdown = 6 points 
    2. Interception = 3 points (no points for INT on PAT)
    3. Turnover on downs = 2 points
    4. PAT:1 point from the 3-yard line. 2 points from the 10-yard line.
  6. QB-Tees are used for QUICK 6 events. 3.7 second clock starts on the snap of ball. If the QB's arm is in a forward throwing
    motion past his ear as the QB-Tee Timer rings, it is NOT a sack. If a Qb's arm does not pass his ear as the QB-Tee timer rings, that is considered a sack and loss of down. The ball will be placed back at its original spot. The ball may be snapped by the non-receiving center from the QB-Tee or taken off the QB-Tee by the Quarterback. No coach will be allowed to snap the ball.
    1. NOTE: ALL PASSES must be a forward pass. A lateral pass will be treated as a sack. No running plays allowed. A receiver must have at least one foot down in bounds with possession of the pass being secured. The receiver must control the pass all the way to the ground. If the receiver has control of the ball in mid-air, but comes down and loses possession, it will be considered an incomplete pass.
  7. Each team is guaranteed at least three games - two (2) in pool play and at least one (1) in Bracket Play (Single Elimination). Bracket play seeding is determined by the first round of pool play. Each team will be paired in a blind draw for pool play. The seeding for Bracket Play will be set by what teams score the most points in pool play. It will not be determined by wins and losses. A team who loses in pool play can still receive a higher seed than a team who won in pool play based on points scored. 

    NOTE: HOME TEAM will begin on Offense


  1. Overtime in Bracket Play consists of 3 plays from 10 yard line on each team’s first possession. Each team has an attempt to score in each overtime period. If both teams tie in first overtime, then a second overtime period will commence with the ball being placed on the 40 yard line with one play to see who gains the most yardage. The team with the most yardage will determine the winner of that game. NOTE:  Two-Point PATs only in overtime.
  2. Pool Play Games are 20:00 continuous play. Bracket Play will be 22 minutes long with a running clock. Timeouts will only take place if a major injury occurs. Championship game may extend to 25-30 minutes continuous play (times vary per tournament).
  3. Possession changes after PAT attempt, failure to make a first down, or interception.
  4. Mouthpieces & Soft-Shell Protective Headgear are Mandatory for all players except Quarterbacks.
  5. All offensive formations must be legal sets with at least two men lining up on the line of scrimmage. You can bunch 4 receivers to one side, but there must be on receiver on the opposite side of the ball.
  6. 30-second Play Clock: The offense has 30 seconds to get the play off once the referee has blown his whistle starting a new down. Failure to get the ball snapped in time will result in a  loss of down. Offense is responsible for retrieving the ball and placing it on the QB-Tee. The offense has seven (7) seconds to retrieve an errant ball. After the seven seconds has expired, the thirty (30) second play clock will begin.
  7. Offensive player is down when a defensive player completes a One-Hand touch on the receiving player's torso. A head touch or a touch below the butt will not count as a tackle. The offensive player is consdered down if his knee, forearm or back touches the ground. Offensive player cannot use the ball to keep his balance. This will also be considered down by contact. Defensive player must have least on foot on the ground when completing a legal tackle. Leaving the feet (as in diving) will not count as a tackle.
  8. Shoving or Forearm Shivers during a tackle will result in an initial warning, then a Personal Foul penalty which will result in an automatic first down for the offense to the next first down marker. If the initial penalty is too severe, then the Personal Foul penalty may be enforced. A third infraction will result in the same penalty and a possible ejection. This infraction is not limited to one player, but to the team as a whole.
  9. There is no blocking allowed. Once a receiver has made a catch, his teammates must not shield or block a defensive player. Illegal blocking is a spot of the foul. 
  10. No double passes or shuffle passes. A one-time lateral from a receiver to a teammate may take place as long as the initial pass is caught over the line of scrimmage. This "hook & ladder" style play may only be used once during a game.
  11. All coaches must remain behind the 10-yard line during play. One (1) Offensive Coach on the field during play. The Offensive Coach must stay behind the play after huddling. Four (4) coaches maximum on the sidelines. All Defensive coaching must be from the sidelines within the coaching box. No Coaching from the back of the end zone will be allowed. No harassing talk to referees during play. Only the Head Coach may address the referees with any concerns. Any coach who is disruptive will be warned only once. The referee in charge has the right to ask for a removal of a disruptive player or coach. Let's be respectful & have fun! Players and coaches must stay within the designated coaching box.


  1. NEW RULE: BLITZING Each team is allowed one defensive blitz per game. The blitzing player must be at least 5 yards off the line of scrimmage before rushing in. The blitzing player does not have to identify himself prior to blitzing. The quarterback does not become a running player when blitzed. The quarterback must throw the ball before being sacked by the blitzing player or before the 3.7 second clock expires. A blitzing player cannot be blocked. A blitzing player must touch the quarterback from the neck to the butt while the quarterback possesses the ball. The quarter back can scramble to avoid the sack by the blitzing player, but cannot go pass the line of scrimmage. If the quarterback passes the line of scrimmage while scrambling, it is an automatic sack.

*         Defensive pass interference = Automatic first down to the next first
    down marker. 

*         Offensive pass interference = loss of down. ball placed back at the      original spot.

*         Defensive holding = Automatic first down to the next first down 


*        Offensive and defensive penalties that occur during live action will        result in off-setting penalties and a replay of the down.

*        Illegal procedure / False Start (offense) =  Loss of down.

*        Illegal pass  =  Loss of down. 

*        Defensive off-sides = 5 yard penalty (replay down unless penalty          results in a first down)

NOTE: If the original line of scrimmage was at the 10 yard line or closer, the penalty will be half the distance to the goal.

*        Delay of game =  Loss of down.

*        Blocking Infraction = 5 yard penalty from the spot of the                          foul. Down will count unless the final spot of the ball after the          penalty was still enough yardage for a first down.

*        Fighting / Personal Fouls

  •      1st INFRACTION = ejection from game. If the                 infraction is severe, the result will be an ejection from   the tournament.
  •       2nd INFRACTION = Team ejection from
      the tournament - no refund given.​​

*     Un-Sportsmanlike ​​Conuct

  •      Excessive arguing / language 
  •      Excessive Celebration delaying possession 

*     Penalties after scoring

  •       If an infraction occurs after a score, the penalty will be enforced on the succeeding drive. If the penalty is againt the defense, their offense will begin with a loss of down. If the penalty is on the offense, the opposing team's offense will be rewarding a starting position at the 25 yard line.

NOTE: No offensive penalty yardage can push the ball back past

the starting 40 yard line.



  • If both teams begin to exhibit overly aggressive behavior, the head referee or appointed field manager will have the power to call a PENALTY BOX INFRACTION. This means that both teams will be asked to adjourn to their opposing sidelines. The head coach, team captain referees and Appointed Field Manager will meet at the center of the field to discuss the overly aggressive behavior. All this will take place WHILE the clock is running. There will be a maximum of 5 minutes allowed during this phase, if teams cannot resolve their differences to resume playing with sportsmanship, the game will be stopped and BOTH teams will forfeit. If a second PENALTY BOX INFRACTION is called, a minimum of 2 minutes will be imposed no matter if the situation is remedied in less time. A third infraction will result in a forfeit for both teams. PLAY WITH INTEGRITY!  




Revised 02/15/2022

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