what coaches say about QUICK 6 FOOTBALL


"Our Parents love this 7on7 event more than any other one in California"

Coach A. J. Rangell - TEAM PRO SPORT / San Jose, CA



"Every year we have participated in the QUICK 6's 7v7 tournaments and we have never been disappointed! Every tournament is run professionally and our athletes love the competiveness. Every tournament also provides a family environment for everyone to enjoy. It has been a pleasure and honor being a part of QUICK  6's history of success!"
Coach Les Bonsu - Valley Got Talent / Modesto, CA

*2016  QUICK "GOLDEN GREAT 7-ON-7" Champions

*2017 QUICK "AIR-TO-THE-THRONE" Champions

*2017 QUICK "UNDER-THE-LIGHTS" Champions



"QUICK 6 was the first event we played in three years ago (2015) and we haven't missed one since. Solid tourneys from the venues to the competition. Look forward to playing for another trophy this coming year."
Coach Charles Hurtado - Bay Area Titans / Concord, CA

*2015  QUICK "AIR-TO-THE-THRONE" Champions


"THE QUICK 6 passing tournaments are always well organized, competitve and run with the safety of the teams in mind. We have participated for the past four years and will continue to do so.
Coach Mike Neal - REAL NEAL SPORTS /San Francisco / Bay Area, CA


"Our players enjoyed themselves. We will definetly be back."

Coach Al Smith - TEAM DIVERSE / Stockton, CA

*2013  QUICK "JUNIOR SUMMER LEAGUE 7-on-7" Champions



"Our players can't wait to get back to the QUICK 6. It's a great 7on7 challenge for our kids. "
Coach Brooke Perry - Young Guns / LODI, CA


"THE QUICK 6 is a class act. Top Shelf treatment of 7on7 athletes and coaches!"
Coach Brownholtz - GRIP SQUAD ELITE / Carmichael, CA


"We played in the first QUICK 6 Tournament in 2012. We love playing in these events!"
Coach Terrance Robinson - TMP ELITE / Sacramento, CA

*2016  QUICK "UNDER-THE-LIGHTS" Champions


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