QUICK 6 FOOTBALL has been the PREMIER 7on7 Football destination for Elite High School and Junior High School players and coaches for over 10 years. QUICK 6 FOOTBALL has set the standard of 7on7 play by creating a fun-filled day of competitive football with a dedicate staff that keeps the event organized and moving fluently throughout the day. Any coach or player who has been apart of the QUICK 6 FOOTBALL experience will be quick to tell you that it was worth the investmment of competing in our events.


QUICK 6 FOOTBALL prides itself on continually improving it's already high standards. We are constantly re-investing our resources by updating or re-conditioning our equipment. We also make sure that our game officials are re-tested yearly on rules and situations. 


QUICK 6 FOOTBALL DOES NOT PROMOTE OUR EVENTS FOR PLAYER RANKINGS OR POTENTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS. Our events are strictly for competitive reasons. There are no promises of ESPN-type coverage or College Scouts. If Media coverage and/or college scouts are in attendance, we will announce it at the event.


QUICK 6 FOOTBALL is designed to challenge high school & youth football teams to put their best skill players to the ultimate challenge: Play together as a team to capture the early season bragging rights as the top passing and receiving core in your region and America.


Feel free to call us @ (916) 222-1524 for any questions you have concerning QUICK 6 FOOTBALL.


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